Ropeadope Records: Louis Marks and Fabian Brown

In this episode, Dave and Mickey welcome Ropeadope Records CEO, Louis Marks, and publicity director, Fabian Brown.
Ropeadope is a collaborative community, a brand, a moving force with a life of its own that is larger than life. Founded at the close of the last century, Ropeadope has taken the path less traveled, always following the music where it wants to go. From historically significant records with celebrity names to completely unknown artists, Ropeadope has crossed boundaries and defied music business logic to create a truly unique company that continues to release great music. 

Ropeadope is a story of inclusion. We view the world as a place of one, where music is a unifying force connecting all of us. We accept that musicians know their art better than businessmen do. We know that this concept, this thing called Ropeadope, is larger than any of us. And so we follow wherever Ropeadope may lead.


For more information on Ropeadope, visit:

facebook:  @ropeadope99
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