The Truth vs. “Da Troof” feat. Steve Sachs - Part Two

Dave, Mickey, and guest Steve Sachs continue their conversation on "weirdo rap" and Mickey's blind spot for mainstream hip-hop. The conversation then shifts to politics, specifically the black vote and two-party politics under the context of a W.E.B. DuBois' 1956 article in The Nation. The fellas correctly anticipate the election day drama and delayed results.
Steve Sachs spent his years after college playing in a band. Designing flyers, merch and album covers eventually led him to a job in marketing, but after a few years in the field, he needed a change.

Prior to marketing, Steve worked with seniors living with memory impairment, and as a vocational trainer for young adults with special needs. He also volunteered at a soup kitchen, playing music with people experiencing homelessness. 

He learned firsthand that we cannot effectively help others until we truly understand them. Combining those lessons with his background in visual design led Steve to UX (user experience):  "I see UX as a practice that lives at the intersection of empathy and creativity. As it turns out, that’s where I’ve always lived, too."


Music Courtesy of Traum Diggs:
"Choices" by Traum Diggs



David Shanks, aka Traum Diggs, is an MC/writer/journalist from Brooklyn, NY. He began writing articles in 2005, contributing correspondent features for print and online publications and has participated in conferences and panels at several colleges and universities including Rider University and SUNY- Rockland. He has also contributed chapters in Hip Hop in America: A Regional Guide; Expressive Writing: Classroom and Community; and St. James Encyclopedia of Hip-Hop Culture. His independent album releases include Jazz Hop, Major Journalism, and Jazz Hop II.   A more complete discography is available at .

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