After releasing a new track, “Worthy,” David reflects on his career as Traum Diggs and the changes he’s seen in how music gets recorded and distributed. He takes us from booking studios for $75 an hour and laying down tracks to tape in 1993 to recording at home and uploading to Bandcamp during the 2020 quarantine. He then shares his thoughts about what hip-hop has gained and lost over the years with these technological developments. The guys wrap up with Mickey’s 20-year-old memory of Royce da 5’9 playing a show in Louisville having forgotten his DAT tape in Detroit, and Dave’s 25-year-old memory of saving the day when Kenny Parker couldn’t find his vinyl copy of “Dwyck.”
Featured audio clip courtesy of Traum Diggs:
"Worthy" by Traum Diggs

Show music Courtesy of Traum Diggs:
"Trauma Da Block Pro" by Traum Diggs


David Shanks, aka Traum Diggs, is an MC/writer/journalist from Brooklyn, NY. He began writing articles in 2005, contributing correspondent features for print and online publications and has participated in conferences and panels at several colleges and universities including Rider University and SUNY- Rockland. He has also contributed chapters in Hip Hop in America: A Regional Guide; Expressive Writing: Classroom and Community; and St. James Encyclopedia of Hip-Hop Culture. His independent album releases include Jazz Hop, Major Journalism, and Jazz Hop II.   A more complete discography is available at traumdiggs.com .

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